College students need to have a healthy body as well as a healthy mind so as to do well in studies and to make the most of their time on the campus. There is a saying in Buddhism that you become what you eat. It means that one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviour is governed by what goes into his body. If one agrees with this philosophy, he needs to eat a healthy and balanced diet so as to stay healthy and also focus upon his studies. Students have a very busy schedule during their college life as they have to attend classes, study afterwards, and also maintain a social life. Here are some tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle and success graduation in college.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

The most important way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to eat right. If your diet contains green vegetables and fresh fruits, your body gets the important nutrients it needs to function properly. Your body gets the right quantities of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and energetic to focus upon your studies and other co curricular activities. You need to cut down on the intake of fast and processed food items and increase the intake of natural food items. Take your breakfast regularly and never skip your meals.

Do exercises and take part in a sport

It may be difficult for a student to find time to do exercises regularly because of his busy schedule. However, one can easily do workout in his hostel room for a few minutes if he gets up early. He can also keep dumbbells in his room to so some exercises to do some cardio vascular exercises. Yoga exercises are also very good for the health of a student. They are a combination of breathing exercises and poses that keep body and mind healthy and fit. Students should also indulge in physical activities like a sport to maintain their fitness. Most colleges have a fitness centre or a gym on the campus and students can easily avail this facility for their health.

Get sufficient rest and sleep

Many hard working students are tempted to write college papes as much as possible to get high grades in their exams. They also sacrifice their sleep in a bid to get more hours for their studies. This is a bad habit that can have a negative impact on their body as well as mind. To maintain a good healthy body and mind, it is very important to give your body full rest so that it gets recharged with a full night’s sleep. Depriving your body of sleep and rest can make your immune system weak. It could also have detrimental effect on your performance.

Maintain good hygiene

It is very important to maintain good hygiene as a student. Taking shower regularly and washing your hands before and after every meal is very important to make sure you do not catch ailments. Students shake hands with other very frequently and they can contaminate their food if their hands are not washed properly. Touching your eyes, nose and other body parts with contaminated hands can result in flu, cold, and other ailments.

Learn to relax

Life on the campus can be exhilarating at times. There is also huge pressure of studies. Most students are also anxious because of their social relationships. All this can build up lots of stress on the mind of students. This stress, if it is allowed to build for long periods of time can lead to any lifestyle diseases. Students should learn how to relax their body and mind. They can do Yoga and meditation or take part in swimming so that their body can get the kind of relaxation it needs.