What is Weight Loss Hypnosis?

Most people think that all they need to lose weight is to exercise and count the calories they eat (eat less). However, there is more than meets the eye.

Aside from exercise and eating less, we also need to program our mind so that we can finally lose weight. This is the one thing that is preventing most people from getting the figure that they have been dreaming.

weight loss hypnosis
Some people think that weight loss hypnosis is impossible, but the truth is that it can really help.

How can we program our mind?

The answer is weight loss hypnosis . Hypnosis focuses on the positive than negative aspect of mind. This method does not depend on the reasons underlying your weight challenge; instead, it bypasses such obstacles and creates a direct, rapid path to weight loss.

Hypnosis can rewrite the thoughts and behaviors that are going on in your mind, both consciously and unconsciously. Here, is how:

Hypnosis uses repetition and reinforcement

Weight loss hypnotherapy sessions last from 20-30 minutes full of guided meditation. This is done within 30 consecutive days so that we could adopt a new habit or thought pattern. When we first hear something, it usually goes into a short-term memory “waiting room.” As we encounter it repeatedly, the short-term data gradually becomes a permanent stamp on our minds, which results in a new belief or habit.

A typical hypnosis program requires a series of stages. Once that, you are finished with the first stage, you will move onto the next. Instead of forgetting the feelings and ideas, you got from early sessions, they are incorporated into each new stage of the program.

Hypnosis creates relaxed receptivity

A hypnotherapist is the answer to your problem. He/she can help you either in person, or on a CD, to create a conversation channel with your deeper levels of consciousness. Words are woven together so that it could soothe and ground your thoughts, which puts your mind in a receptive state and wiping out external distractions. As it goes deeper in our mind, it bypasses internal distractions like procrastination, guilt, indulgence and low self-confidence.

Weight Loss and Your Mind

Your efforts will always be in vain, if you do not have the right mind setting for losing weight.

Embarking on a weight loses program does not guarantee success. Most of the time, the person who embarks on it loses hope and gives up early.

Listen Your Way to Success

By listening to a hypnotherapist, we could get the encouragement we needed to get our goals in life.

Hypnosis can be applied to a lot of things other than losing weight. It can also be use for fitness and nutrition goals, to improve self-confidence or time management, even to prepare for a new career challenge.


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