How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Throughout Pregnancy?

For sure, you have already heard of pregnant women, who craves for a specific food to eat. Furthermore, they will not make their husband fall asleep until they get what they want. However, this is for the best of both the expecting mother and for her baby. A mother to be must have a healthy lifestyle throughout the time they’re carrying their baby on their womb to ensure that the body will be healthy and doesn’t have any birth defect as they come out.

Pregnant woman
Pregnant woman

It is true that expecting mothers should eat more than what they normally eat, but, not to the extent where they are eating twice than before. You will only need to add 300 calories daily to your regular portions. If you’re job is a model, don’t let it stop you from delivering a healthy child. Don’t opt for a low calorie diet as you’re starving yourself while pregnant. As you get starve, your body breakdown the stored fat, producing ketones throughout the mother’s blood. Ketones can be passed from mother to child and result to mental retardation for the baby.

To get your 300 extra calories each day, don’t reach for those ready-to-eat meals. Ready-to-eat meals don’t have the vitamin and minerals needed by a pregnant mother and her unborn baby. The nutrients that pregnant women must have during pregnancy are folic acid, calcium, and iron.

Folic acid helps the baby to stay away from the neural tube disorders, most known as spina bifida. Spina bifida is when the inside of the spinal column exposed, which leads to paralysis and incontinence. Folic acid can be acquired from taking calcium supplements. It helps the formation of your baby’s bones leaches calcium from your own body. An added calcium consumption help to repair bone density while providing the mineral for your child. Iron aids the body to carry oxygen-saturated blood. The baby breathes through the oxygen contained in your bloodstream so they need highly oxygenated blood.

Add a little portion on fruits and vegetable on your daily diet so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fruits and vegetable have the enough vitamins and minerals essential for you and your unborn baby’s need. Include whole, wheat and grain products in your meals such as bread, cereals and rice. They hold a considerable amount of folic acid. Milk and cheese is a must for a pregnant mother as they’re an excellent source of calcium that is essential for bone density. Remember that you’re now eating for two so eat 10 more grams of protein than you usually do when not pregnant.

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