Fitness Training – Overcoming Training Plateau

Have you heard of the dreaded plateau? This is the time when you have reached your full potential and you feel like not progressing anymore. Sadly, that only a few people can get over it.

training plateau
training plateau

Training plateau is the most wearisome time for anyone who wishes to push themselves to their limit. But, you don’t have to worry about it if you have prepared for it, there are some people who were able to get over it and got back to seeing results.

The key here I to realize why it happens in the first place; thus you can understand what you need to do to see some progress.

Let’s look at the main things that you should know.

Defining Training Plateaus

Training plateau is a cycle when you won’t see any progress on your workout routine despite exercising regularly. Now, the reason that this occurs is that you’re not challenging your body enough to lifting heavier weights.

Hence, you aren’t seeing any progress.

How To Get Over A Training Plateau?

The answer is simple – you just need some basic changes in your workout routine and you’re on your way to seeing some progress on your body again.

You can achieve this either by changing the exercises you’re doing, changing the workout split you’re using, adding more weight, utilizing advanced techniques such as supersets, drop sets, or compound sets, or simply changing your rest periods or rep ranges instead.

All of these will evoke enough change in the workout program overall that it should get you back on track to seeing success again.

Now, it doesn’t mean that it is OK to overstrain yourself. By all means, overtraining is still wrong. You won’t see any progress when you’re overtraining simply because the muscles don’t have enough time to develop.

Should this be the case, your next move should be is to rest for at least a week. Though, you might feel that it would just keep you farther from your goal, you will see some progress after a week. That would be the wisest decision you have ever made.

Nothing Can Beat Prevention

You may have heard most experts saying that prevention is still the best medicine. The same thing goes with fitness training. If you can design your own workouts, you won’t feel any plateau in your lifetime as you get to change your workout routine most of the time.

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