Healthy Living, a Means to a Cancer-Free Life

Most people think that cancer can’t be prevented. Of course, cancer can’t be prevented if you’re going to live an unhealthy lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyle ups the chances of a person to acquire cancer. Healthy living, which means eating healthy, exercising regularly and adding natural nutritional supplements to complement our diet can lessen the risk of developing cancer.

cancer patient
cancer patient

“Most Americans are already in the process of developing cancer due to their lack of exercise, stressful lifestyles and the amount of processed food, sugar, hydrogenated and polyunsaturated fats in their diets.” -Don Colbert, MD –

Recommended Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Prevent Cancer.

  • Maintain your weight to the ideal level.
  • Eat less fat.
  • Increase fiber intake. There should be 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day in your diet.
  • Don’t eat fatty foods and replace them with lean meats such as chicken or turkey. (If possible, you can become a vegetarian.)
  • Drink low-fat or skim milk and eat skim milk cheeses.
  • Don’t use margarine on your bread. Margarine has many fatty acids that contribute to weight gain and heart disease.
  • Don’t use butter. Butter is full of fat and has many unwanted chemicals.
  • Stop smoking. If you smoke, stop it now. Smoking will give way to cancer.
  • Never drink alcohol. Alcohol can also heighten the risk of developing cancer.

“The most dangerous foods for you if you choose to avoid cancer are those highest in sugar and hydrogenated fats, like donuts, cakes and pastries.” -Don Colbert, MD-



Parent would often tell us to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables when we were younger. Thgouhg, they’re aware that it can help their child to live healthily, but only a few of them knew that it also helps in fighting cancer. Some fruits and vegetable are full of molecules known as antioxidant. Antioxidant comes from various fruits and vegetables.

“Cancer is increasing at such an alarming rate that 40% of Americans will develop cancer, but only 14% of Americans who exercise regularly will develop cancer.” -Don Colbert, MD-


More Healthy lifestyle Tips in Preventing Cancer

  • Consume grape seed extract or Resveratrol or drink non alcoholic red wine.
  • Avoid foods, containing nitrates like luncheon meats, hot dogs and bacon.
  • Avoid smoked meats, salt-cured meats and other high pesticide foods.
  • Take antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Beta Carotene.
  • Take minerals such as Selenium, Zinc, Copper, and Manganese.
  • Eat plenty phytonutrients found in carrots, broccoli, cabbage and greens.
  • Eat soybeans and soy products.
  • Drink Natural Teas like Green Tea, Oolong Tea and Puer Tea.
  • Drink Plenty of Water.

Now, if you’re busy with your exercise program, your chances of acquiring cancer reduced by 5 times.

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