Weight Loss can be compared to Math!

A lot of people see weight loss as a big mystery. Most weight loss expert used it to make money from poor old people. By preaching about its mystery, they have sold their “miracle weight loss products” to their clients. I don’t want to put them out of business, but the public needs to know about this weight loss hype.


weight loss is like math
weight loss is like math

For those who want to know, effective weight loss is just a combination of math and science. If you ever want to become thinner, then you have to burn more calories than you eat or vice versa. Eating exactly the same amount of food that you had burned before, and you won’t see any changes in your weight. That’s the whole truth to this weight loss secret!

However, that is not the difficult part, the problem lies with knowing the amount of calories you should consume to achieve your weight loss goal. The problem becomes harder because your body needs more food as you build muscles.

That is just a common problem; somebody would eat just the right number of calories to maintain their current weight and figure, but then suddenly they can’t control their diet. For some, it has to do with their age; others got promoted to an office job wherein they would sit all day in a chair. Before they know it, their abs turn into flab. This is just a common occurrence for many people. But there are times when athlete shares the same problem. Remember, Mike ‘The Iron’ Tyson? He was once the boxing champion of the world, but if you can see him now, you won’t believe that he was as great, as they say, he was. Yes, the once mean fighting machine has tuned into a couch potato. Unfortunately for him, he got used to eating heavy meals in order to replace all the energy that he used as he trains for his boxing match. Well, now that he is a retired boxer, he doesn’t do that much workout anymore, but hasn’t done anything to minimize his food consumption.

To achieve your weight loss goals, you need to check key calorie figures for your body all the time, like your Basal Metabolic Rate (how many calories your body uses at rest)and your Maintenance Calories (how many calories it takes to maintain your current bodyweight). How can you calculate the calories you consume at the same time you are doing your daily task?

Well, fear not, there is such a thing as a Calorie Calculator that will do all the maths and science for you. All you have to do is to focus on burning those calories so that you would look great! Just enter your age, height, weight, and exercise level, and the calorie calculator will tell you’re Basal Metabolic Rate, and your maintenance calories. You can achieve your goal easier if you knew how much pounds you need to lose!

REMEMBER: There are two surefire ways to lose weight: The first one is to eat less food than your body needs, which causes it to break down fat for energy; the other method is to exercise more, so that your body demands even more energy. Of course, nothing beats combining these methods. You will be thinner much faster compared when you’re just doing one method!

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