Pointers to Remember in Strength Training

Ages ago people believed that strength training was only beneficial for building muscle mass. However, people got smarter and found out that it has other uses. Strength training is useful for any person, whether his/her intention is to lose weight or to participate in sport.

Man doing strength training

Man doing strength training

Here, are helpful pointers to reap the benefit of strength training.

Training Frequency

Remember that you need to rest, if you want to reap the benefits of your workout. Rest helps to improve the results with high-intensity, short-duration exercise sessions, followed up with adequate time for recuperation.

Train to exhaustion – I remember back on my college years when I used to do push-ups until I could not lift my body anymore. It has been more than ten years, but the result is still there. Though, my body grew weaker than before, the gym trainer said that I am stronger than I should be since I am diabetic. Clearly, intense workout plus sufficient time to rest works here since I couldn’t achieve this strength now, if I don’t work out that intense before and enough rest as I am exercising. The muscle gets bigger and stronger when the body repairs all the damage tissue during intense workouts.

Exercise Per Session

Though, you aren’t born with unlimited energy, it can be increased with strength training and enough rest. During the first 30 minutes, blood sugar level will fall.

Remember that it doesn’t have something to do with how fit you are. You’re body will eventually be exhausted after a long period of workout, so it would be crucial to plan your exercise wisely. To maximize your energy to its full potential, focus on using compound movements – i.e., ones that use more than one joint at a time – in your workouts.

Ordinary people can only do 3 to 4 high-intensity exercises during a single strength training session. It is important to get at least one day of rest between sessions so that the body can repair itself and max out the benefit from the exercise.


Remember that strength training force you to use all your power so if you finish one set of exercises and feel like you could do another, then you’re doing it wrong. If after the first set, you still have more energy to spare, you need to intensify your workout.

If you have given all your strength on the first set, then you’ve done everything you can. {Continue on to the next exercise, and do a full set of it as well}. You can train every day for weeks on end and never see any benefit from it: the key to success lies in the intensity of your workouts, not the frequency.

Your workout routine shouldn’t be static or stagnant, either: improve your results by alternating between high-repetition and low-repetition ranges in your exercise routine.

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