Fitness Training 101 – the secret behind high intensity training

Over and over, physiologists have been recommending high intensity training to people as they believe that it is the most effective ways to build strength, develop muscle and increase your fitness level. However, some people misunderstood it, and high intensity training not used very often or very well by the many men and women who regularly engage in weight training. Scientific researches have long proven how effective it is.


fitness training 101
fitness training 101

Of course, how could understand it if you don’t know the working principles that surround it? So let’s find out the principle behind it. First thing that we should know is that high intensity training means brief but vigorous workouts. So working out for an extended period would be impossible for most people. You can only workout for longer periods if you lower the intensity level. However, when you lower the intensity workout, you can’t expect the best strength training results. High intensity workout doesn’t depend on the quantity, but on the quality of weight training.


We should not forget about proper form whenever we exercise. However, most people tend to do the wrong form as it is much easier than the proper form of exercise. Yes, it does make the exercise routine much easier, but this is only cheating and will not help you get the results you want. We must understand that in order to enhance your workout results, we need to work our muscles harder. This only can be done if we implement strict form that puts more tension and stress on the working muscles. By using a slow and controlled speed of motion as we work against the resistance, we are certain that we will get the results we want overtime.

Of course, proper is not enough as we also need to train our body to the point of momentary muscle failure. Momentary muscle failure means doing reps to the point where it can’t do another one. Though, the muscle can’t count as they know when they have enough. As we stimulate our muscle to get stronger, the muscle builds more muscle fibers to use for the next workout.

As mentioned before in this article, high intensity training method needs brief but intense workouts. We should keep in mind that the total number of sets and exercises should be relatively low. We won’t get the results we want on the amount of exercise but on the amount of effort used with each exercise. Of course, we also need to rest so that the body would recover, develop and grow stronger.

These guidelines scientifically proven so following these guidelines would assure you that you are on your way to your fitness goal.

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