Exercise Myth – Recognising Fact from Myth!

I’m sure that you’re having a hard time figuring out what really works in exercising. I know that, since I used to have that problem too. The internet loaded with information on how to lose weight and is hard to figure out what actually works.

fat guy exercising
fat guy exercising

fat guy exercising

There are two things that I can recommend in order to help you know what actually works:

1. Common Sense…

Just follow common sense. It is on common sense that not eating all the nutrients your body needs will eventually cause some kind of problems. Consequently, if your diet is just based on one or two types of nutrients then it isn’t effective.

Another one would be, if the amount of calories decreases and the intensity of your fitness also increase. You won’t reach a plateau.

2. The Principles…

Of course, the basic principles that surround healthy living always work. Those principles as far as nutrition is concerned are eating plenty of veggies, a moderate amount of fruits (because of the sugar content), eat plenty of protein, eat complex carbs (fiber) instead of simple carbs (white flour and sugar), get antioxidants in your diet (such as berries and green tea), and get a healthy amount of healthy fat in your diet (monounsaturated fat and Omega fatty acids).

For exercising, build lean muscle, do higher intensity cardio for your main aerobic workout, and lower intensity cardio (such as walking) first thing in the morning so that it would burn off stored fat (without risking a loss of muscle tissue).

The other principles would be to drink more water, get ample sleep, and of course, avoid processed foods and unnatural foods as much as possible.

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