Basic Rules of Cardio Fitness Training

Cardio fitness training is the necessary part of any exercise program. The words “cardio” is identical with “aerobic” and is short for “cardiovascular”. It improves the ability of the heart to deliver oxygen to the muscles and in the muscle’s ability to generate energy with oxygen results in increased aerobic fitness. People can get lots of benefit from cardio training. Lots of people experience having more energy because of their program. Aerobic capacity is coupled with a faster metabolism, which means that fat burns faster; thus enhancing weight loss.

cardio fitness training
cardio fitness training

The type of activity isn’t as important compared to the quality level that you maintain. Tennis, racquetball and basketball can be considered cardio, only if they are performed with plenty of intensity and duration. In general, swimming, running, cycling and hiking are great forms of aerobic training. Of course indoor machines such as the elliptical, treadmill and stair-master are ideal in increasing aerobic fitness.

A few rules for cardio fitness training:

  • Cardio training must be performed for at least thirty minutes four days a week. You need to break a sweat and/or stay within your target heart rate for at least twenty minutes to get the benefits of cardio. The approximate target heart rate must range from between 65 and 80 percent of your maximum heart rate (calculated as 220 minus your age). Heart rate zones differ from person to person. It’s safer to work with a certified personal trainer to help establish your personalized heart rate zones than doing it alone.
  • Interval training must be part of aerobic fitness program at least once weekly. Interval training involves mean high-intensity aerobic bursts with periods of rest. This escalates your metabolism.
  • Carefully planned strength training increases your aerobic capacity. A full-body circuit training program with short rest intervals increase your workout by twofold as aerobic training. These workouts must be performed at least twice weekly, aside from the conventional aerobic workouts.
  • Visit your doctor before starting a any fitness program.

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