Can we Enjoy Low Carb Shakes if we want a Healthy Lifestyle?

We can still enjoy our favorite low carb shake because losing weight never means that we should limit ourselves to the usual eating plan, which are plain and simple. We can choose which diet or exercise program to take. Just remember that whatever we choose, our nutritional plan should include a healthy balance of food groups that include a blend of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

low carb shakes
low carb shakes

The fats and proteins still converted but on a terribly slow paced. Nevertheless, they are still converted into glucose. Carbohydrates are much easier to convert into sugar than fats and proteins. These carbohydrates found in many foods including fruits and vegetables and milk products. Breads, grains and cereals, are the usual source of carbohydrates and have beneficial fiber.

Since carbohydrate quickly turns into sugar; it raised the blood sugar in the blood. The excess glucose then stored in the body’s fat cells.

Whenever, there is too much glucose or sugar in the blood, the body produces insulin to control the blood level at a normal range.

Insulin is a hormone that brings back the blood sugar level to a normal range. As the insulin reduces the blood sugar levels, it also increases the amount of fat cells in our body. Insulin is also responsible for preventing the release of our stored fat, making that fat unavailable for use by our body as energy. Stored fat cannot be burned so gets harder to lose weight.

Most low carb diets say that eating foods low in carbs would help us to achieve a thinner body. Some of the famous diets we all knew such as The Atkins Diet or South Beach Diet suggest that rimming down carbs, or having a healthy balance of fats, carbohydrates and protein in every meal will lead to weight loss and improved health.

Most low carb diet plan can help with weight loss, but exercise needed for it to become more effective as an exercise routine helps the body burns fats and reduces its tendency to build fat stores. A reduced carb diet of healthy grains, fruits and vegetables, supplemented with low carb shakes is an effectual way of shedding some extra weight and realizing the health benefits.


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