3 Fitness Training Tips to keep you Healthy and Beautiful


How many times you find yourself looking at girls with the prettiest faces whenever you are at a mall? I’m sure that most guys are guilty about this as it can’t be stop. Girls who have pretty faces not only get the public attention, but also acquire attention from media. Every girl wants to know, what is the ultimate beauty secret?

fitness training tips
fitness training tips

A girl with a pretty face has no trouble of having a life of the rich and famous since they grace the covers of the beauty magazines that pays big bucks. All that a girl needs to have a glamorous lifestyle is to be beautiful. In order to achieve beauty health and fitness training is a must

Girls should always be healthy and fit because it will give way to your success. I know that having a fit body is not that easy, but the efforts are all worth it since there are many opportunities waiting for you. Here are some tips to get started with having a fit and beautiful body:

Tip # 1 Pump your Heart
The heart got a vital role in your body. It’s responsible for pumping the blood which delivers oxygen and nutrients that the body requires. For this reason, the heart should always be in great shape. You need to exercise your heart so that it would be in tip-top shaped. Cardiovascular training is a great way to exercise the heart. The simplest way to exercise the heart is through walking or running. For those who are getting started, walk at least 30 minutes per day.. You can do it whenever and wherever you want. Walk for 30 minutes daily for 4 weeks and switch to running to make it more difficult. Start with small distance, then when you can run longer, add another mile each time you feel some improvement.

Tip # 2 Strength is Beauty
Strength or resistance conditioning should never be left out in fitness training. You need to exercise so you could keep your body toned. It also energizes you. I know that most women don’t like to have bulk muscles; therefore they won’t engage themselves with strength training.

They shouldn’t worry about getting bulkier as they don’t have enough testosterone to build bigger muscles. Testosterone is responsible for having big muscles. In general, only guys have enough testosterone, the only way that a woman would have bigger muscles is through the use of forbidden drugs.

Tip # 3 Food to keep you Strong
Diet is a key in fitness training. You can’t simply keep up with your exercise program if you are not eating right. Eat the right amount of food portions so that you won’t get the pounds back that you burned during your workout.


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