Running -The most recommended fitness exercise for forty and beyond

How many times have I heard the phrase ‘Work smarter not harder?’ I’m sure in one way or another; you have heard it too. This is one of the most popular phrases of all time. This c an be linked with a lot of things, most especially with health. If you’re one of those guys who recently turn forty, you may be thinking that this is it for you. I would be impossible for you to be in better shape. Well, that is where you are wrong. You can still be in perfect shape, but you need to understand that your body is not as it was before, so you need to take exercises slower than you used to be back when you are younger. If you like to run and put on a pair of track shoes and start sprinting after twenty years of layoff, you may improve for a while. But, sooner or later you’re sure to hurt yourself.

40 yr old guy running
40 yr old guy running

It is recommended to run a slow pace at first. Gradually increase the speed as you build endurance. This way, you can stay away from injuries. The warning “Train, don’t Strain” is especially true putting on track shoes after forty. Running is something that you’ll surely enjoy on a daily basis once you have started with it. Start with a distance that is easy for you to do. Add some distance as your endurance progress.

Running is beneficial even for older people. Studies have proven that sedentary old people who start training can become as fit as long-time athletes.

When you are training once forty, two factors can control your training: the distance your training for, and how much work you can tolerate. Research indicates that a middle-aged marathoner needs to run as many miles as a younger one, a day. Obviously, the number of times and miles are much lower if we aren’t preparing for a marathon. There are also the motivational and endurance issues that we must conquer.

Exercise is a state of mind. Remember: you don’t need to exercise the way that someone is exercising. You can create your own fitness training exercise. We have subjected our creaking joints and protesting muscles to unnecessary strain simply because we think exercise is a necessary adjunct to proper living.


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