Developing a Sound Rugby Union Fitness Training Programme

A sound rugby union fitness training programme must have a solid routine that could cover the physical side of the game. However, and often overlooked factor that should be considered is the mental training that parallels your physical training.

Rugby player
Rugby player

Create planned mental skill workouts that could develop a level where you are able to achieve peak performances constantly in the competition.

Mental toughness is what you need to get into the top.

Your mental state can dictate the consistency of your performance. Physical skills developed through rigid training.

  • Learn how to control your aims and ambitions, identifying any conflicting interest and convert aims into goals by means of getting committed.
  • Learn how to improve your confidence by feeling and competency in your ability.
  • Know how to control the potentially disruptive emotions of stress and anxiety that will have a positive effect on your playing performance.
  • Learn how to improve your concentration through focusing on appropriate cues and being aware of changes as they happen

When combined with your physical training routine and healthy diet, mental toughness can be the key to improve your rugby union game and get a habit that would be useful in the coming years.

Some of today’s top rugby union’s players such as Richie McCaw, Brian O’Driscoll, Lewis Moody and Victor Matfield have spent years polishing their mental game so that they could compete at the top level over a long period of time. It is no wonder that they are considered as one of the greatest players today as they have worked extremely hard on their skills.

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