Off-ice Fitness Training to prepare for an Ice-Hockey game

Hockey is full of extremely intense and explosive bursts of activity and your off-ice training for on-ice fitness should be the same as your game activity. Typically, hockey lasted for 40 to 50 seconds in length followed by about 120 seconds resting on the bench.

ice hockey
ice hockey

The player need a high intensity interval training that can give them the strength, power and endurance required for on-ice performance. Interval training is an activity that last for 15 to 30 minutes with alternating periods of high intensity and low intensity exercise. Some of the interval training that you can try is running, biking or rowing. If you want variety on your chosen activities then you can alternate your chosen activity day to day. When you notice the added strength and power, consider wearing ankle and wrist weights while you exercise.

Always consult a doctor before startling with this exercise program. Start out slow and work your way up to the intense workouts as your fitness level improves. Interval training is going to burn more calories and increase fitness over a shorter period of time compared to just steady training. During hockey’s off-season or if you only play on weekends, off-ice interval training will keep you fit between games. Beginner Interval Training

  • Warm-up – 5 minutes prior to start of intervals.
  • Sprint – 40 seconds
  • Rest – 120 seconds

Perform this five more times for a total of six sets. Sprinting means flat out, as fast as you can. Duration – 21 minutes

Intermediate Interval Training

  • Warm-up – 5 minutes
  • Sprint – 50 seconds
  • Rest – 120 seconds

Sets – 7

Duration – 25 minutes

Advanced Interval Training

  • Warm-up – 5 minutes
  • Sprint – 60 seconds
  • Rest – 120 seconds

Sets – 8

Duration – 29 minutes

Work out hard and you will feel the difference on the ice. Cardio & Calorie Blaster

Once you are comfortable with interval training then try this workout once a week to burn lots of calories and actually jack-up your fitness level.

  • Warm-up – 15 minutes
  • Sprint for 3 minutes at 90% of maximum heart rate and then take 3 minutes of active rest (keep up the activity but at a reduced rate).
  • Repeat for 4 sets. Duration – 39 minutes

Sculpting Muscles & High Octane Cardio

Great off-ice training for on-ice fitness. Try this sprint interval for a fast and fun workout. After each burst of hard work, you’ll recover for the same amount of time.

  • Warm up – 15 minutes.
  • Add three or four 20 second bursts at the end to prepare for the workout.
  • Sprint – 30 seconds / rest – 30 seconds

Sprint – 1 minute / rest – 1 minute

Sprint – 2 minutes / rest – 2 minutes

Sprint – 4 minutes / rest – 4 minutes

Sprint – 2 minutes / rest – 2 minutes

Sprint – 1 minute / rest – 1 minute

Sprint – 30 seconds / rest – 30 seconds

Finish with a 10-minute cooldown.

Duration – 32 minutes

Perhaps the best part of interval training is there are no hard and fast rules. You can vary different lengths of work and recovery times that results in different benefits. Interval training may be tough, but you can get a better result compared to steady training. Another benefit that you can get from interval training is that you spend less time training in the gym with greater results.

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