Healthy Lifestyle = Sexy?

Do you think that having a healthy lifestyle is sexy? I’m sure that you won’t find it sexy since it seems to be a tedious lifestyle. The rule that accompanies a healthy lifestyle is rather bland. Does aging faster than your pears, living with physical pain, feeling blue and tired all the time sounds sexy? I will be surprised if you find it sexy.

Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit

Lifestyle is known as the manner of living, which reflects a person’s values and attitudes. A Healthy Lifestyle is about how we eat, move, think and act. Remember that there is always a consequence of the choices that you pick, regardless of it is positive or negative. The problem is that the consequences aren’t always instant yet the high from sugar; the relax from spirits, the pleasing taste of something fried, is immediate. So much so that the more we put those types of foods into our body, the more we crave for them. There are two scenarios that would represent our choices:


Sure, you have forgotten to exercise for a while, and things don’t change too much. You can overeat here and there, and you only pile a few pounds. But the effects of all these will take place overtime. One day you’ll wake up and noticed that you are 15-20 lbs heavier, your back and joints ache, you are tired ALL THE TIME and feel depressed. So, you go to the doctor for a checkup, hoping he/she can tell you what’s going on. You are told you are sick. Then, you asked yourself…. “How did I become sickly?”


You wake up in the morning and give gratitude to 5 things in your life. First you brush your teeth and drink two glasses of water. Spend 5 minutes performing some deep breathing and a few stretches. You feel good. Your mind is focused on the hike that you and your friends that will happen on the weekend and it make you smile; you are looking forward to it. You like to enjoy healthy breakfast and head off to exercise. One day, you decided to go to the mall, and you see some dress, and it fitted just well. It looks fantastic on you! Based on the two scenarios I have provided, where do you think you belong? Now, regardless of where you are right now, your body will do whatever you tell it to do, you can start immediately or gradually as you wish. One thing is for sure, once you decide to make a healthy lifestyle your lifestyle, consciously know that every single choice you make does matter. Next, just get started. Begin with a gorgeous glass of filtered tap water. Do some deep breathing and have a healthy meal. Go for a walk or call a friend and ask for support. One decision, one choice, one action at a time, while keeping the big picture in mind. That is a start!

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