Weight Loss motivation Ideas to help you to stay focus on your goal


One of the first thing that you should know is the motivation to keep going when you hit that hit plateaus. Such motivation can range from shopping sprees, small goals, and small rewards accountability to others(you don’t want others to know that you slipped up or gave up), or even getting paid for losing weight.

weight loss ideas to help you stay focus
weight loss ideas to help you stay focus

I know that this seems to be impossible, but some people get the luxury of getting paid while losing weight. Take for instance, the reality TV show “Biggest Loser”. Remember those obese people who do their best to lose weight; all of them got paid to be in that show. Of course, the winner gets the biggest share compared to other contestants. However, getting into that reality show is a chance of a lifetime. Not everyone will get the chance to compete in that show.

So, what are ways to be paid for losing weight? Here are some suggested ways to get paid for losing weight:

  1. Pay yourself, save $5 in a collection jar every time you lose a pound. Though, this is not actually getting, reaching your goal will have some reward once you open that jar. This would make it more exciting for you to lose weight.
  2. Bet on yourself. You can have a bet with other people on whether you can succeed on losing weight. Set a goal weight, and work your butt off (literally). If you manage to lose weight then your friends will be paying you. This is a good way to make money and lose weight at the same time.
  3. Join a weight loss challenge. Some people offer prizes to people who want to lose weight. The mechanics is just easy. The one, who loses the most, wins the prize money. Money aren’t sure for this, but this will help you to lose weight. Of course, if they did pay up, then imagine all the things that prize money could buy.

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