Weight Loss 101 – Drinking milk will help you to lose weight


How many times have I heard someone saying that drinking make them fatter? Probably, more than 10 times already. However, a recent study had proven that milk actually helps a person to lose weight. People should drink skimmed milk since they are low in fat. The calcium present in skimmed milk will help in increasing their body metabolism. As the body got a better metabolic rate, it is easier for it to make use of the energy stored efficiently, resulting to weight loss.

skimmed milk
skimmed milk


People who like milk should choose milk that is fat free, instead of the common whole milk, which has a lot of fat content in them. Europeans already used to drinking milk every day, but this is not the case with Asians. Asians are lactose intolerance (not used to drinking milk daily). However, there is an old saying, “if there is a will, then there is a way.” They must switch the type of milk taken every day so that they can stay away from lactose intolerance issues, but still lose weight at the same time.

Whole milk comes from animals. This isn’t good for people as this milk mostly composed of saturated fats. They increase the cholesterol level in the blood. Fat free milk provides the health benefit of whole milk without the harmful effects of other non-fat free milk. Drinking skim milk will prevent bones problems such as osteoporosis. They should be combined with eating fruits and vegetables to have a faster weight loss result.
Aside from preventing bone problems, drinking milk also prevents the occurrence of colon cancer, regulates blood pressure level. Calcium plays a vital role in blood clothing. Aside from calcium, there is also the ever important Vitamin B.

One good advice when buying fat-free milk is to check the labels as they can offer more vitamins like vitamins A and D. It is also wise to consider the expiration date when buying milk.


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