Bonser family enjoys Fitness Training together

Like a lot of people, Brandon Bonser doesn’t like going to the gym. This is despite the fact that he used to play for a Collegiate football in the 1980s.

Brandon Bonser
Brandon Bonser enjoys CrossFit training together with his family

“Like most people, I’d join a health club for three to six months, lose 10 pounds, then get bored and quit,” Bonser said.

However, when his wife got involved with Comal CrossFit and became an instructor, Bonser decided that it is time to try fitness training.

“Like everyone else, at first I thought CrossFit was kind of a joke,” Bonser said. “There were these people that wore goofy socks and hopped around on boxes. But after the first work out, I couldn’t walk for two days.”

According to Comal Crossfit’s website, it is the principal strength and conditioning program for a lot of police academies and tactical operation teams, military special operations units, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes all over the world, but Crossfit is not only for the elite athlete. Crossfit can be tailored for anyone.

Since Bonser got used to the competition aspect that he hadn’t had since college, Bonser slowly cleaned up his lifestyle, as well.

“I think twice about eating sweets now,” Bonser said. “Also, I used to smoke cigars, but I quit. How you eat also affects your performance in the gym.”

Gretchen is of course played a big part of Bonser’s new lifestyle. Pretty soon the whole family tried CrossFit on their own. After months of working hard, Bonser will once again compete, but not on the Collegiate football he used to compete. He is now taking part of the Orange County Throw down, an elite athletic competition much like the CrossFit games.

“Brandon was not always a believer in CrossFit, but since he began working out with us three years ago, he has gone from an out-of-shape former Collegiate athlete to a competitive CrossFit athlete who is hands down the hardest working member at our gym,” Comal CrossFit owner Tommy Williams said. “Brandon and Gretchen are the unofficial king and queen of Comal CrossFit. They are a valuable part of our team and a huge reason for our success.”

Bonser and his family are now connected more than ever, ever since they started enjoying CrossFit.

“Before, Gretchen and I had very different hobbies,” Bonser said. “CrossFit has brought us closer together. And I love watching my kids do pull ups, monkey ups and squats. If they keep going this way, my kids will be much better athletes than I was at their age.”

Gretchen claims that CrossFit has become a popular past time for families.

“A lot of families work out together at CrossFit,” Gretchen said. “It nurtures a unique bonding between parents and kids. There’s not a lot parents and children do together anymore, so it’s wonderful to do something together as a family.”



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