Researchers believe that healthy lifestyle is still best for managing Diabetes

Imperial College London’s Professor Karim Meeran, who specializes in ICLDC, claims the simple solution to diabetes is still a healthy lifestyle.

hormones has something to do with healthy lifestyle controlling diabetes
hormones has something to do with healthy lifestyle controlling diabetes

Even though, there are new ways to controlling diabetes nothing still beats a balanced diet and regular exercise.

The professor added that the endocrine system can override most dietary blunder.

If someone who are not suffering from diabetes overeats, then the pancreas will just secrete a lot of insulin to control the blood sugar level. It is expected that such indiscretions are rare, and the endocrine system can handle this.

Nevertheless, any who overindulge themselves with food will be fatter, wear out the pancreas and develop type 2 diabetes. Exercise is a good way to stop diabetes from developing. Exercise can keep performance of the endocrine system accurately. It is advisable to perform regular exercise three times per week, and to eat a balanced diet.

Professor Meeran believes that the ECU programme is created in order to provide a rigorous update on existing clinical practice, research and thinking in the world of hormones. He concluded that it has a role in the occurrence of diabetes and related problems.

Type 2 diabetes is prevalent in the Middle East. Even, Dr Maha Taysir Barakat acknowledges the fact and had helped create an offshoot of Imperial College London in order to form Imperial College London Diabetes Centre. The best way to prevent diabetes is by intensifying exercise and embracing a balanced diet. ICLDC has taken the initiative to let the public know that all they need is a healthy lifestyle in fighting diabetes.

Professor Philippe Bouchard, the President of ESE, a leading author who had written over 300 published works on endocrinology strengthen the fact that the intensive programme is structured over 24 sessions and workshops delivered by sector experts such as the UK’s Professor Peter Trainer, Professor Wilmar Wiersinga that comes from The Netherlands and ICLDC’s Medical & Research Director and Consultant Endocrinologist, Dr Maha Taysir Barakat. He claims that the course is going to include the latest thinking on thyroid, calcium metabolism, and even the metabolic syndrome.

Professor Trainer said that they are about to hold the ESE Clinical Update Course in the UAE,” said Professor Trainer. This is just the first meeting that will serve as a platform for most trainees. They hope to set up endocrinologists to exchange ideas and share the challenges that run into their respective regions. The course aims to present delegates with most recent knowledge across the breadth of clinical endocrinology.

The ESE Clinical Update will be held in Abu Dhabi will run on January 11-12 2013.


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