Bicycles cannot only promote Healthy Lifestyle, but also boost Car sales

Bicycles have been sharing the street with the automobiles for years, now also share the same limelight as the cars has at an auto show at Detroit. This is a sign that bicycles that they can be quite popular in the transportation industry if they are given the right marketing boost from automakers.


Bike is used to promote a healthy lifestyle, also boosting car sales in the process
Bike is used to promote a healthy lifestyle, also boosting car sales in the process

One of the accessories that are on display at the Subaru is the Outback wagon, made for those who like to spend their time in the great outdoors. There is also the electric-powered bicycle that was on display via Smart got sold via the small car maker in Europe.

Bikes are not the only one that got featured at the presentation. They were only featured because they were used to market the cars.

Jeremy Anwyl of Edmunds(dot)com, a popular car site, claimed that bikes are always associated with a healthy lifestyle.

Other bikes that got featured on this year’s car show were the Prius X Parlee as the bike modeled from Toyota’s vehicles. Hyundai got the best bike as it was the apple of the eye for the night. Their bike resembles the Veloster coupe as it got the same rooftop and back of the popular car.

Back in 2000, it was Ford Motor Co. that was able to produce a bike that many adored. However, the company stopped the production in 2002.

At this year’s car show in Detroit, the Smart-brand bike got marketed for its usability both for a traditional bike and a high powered engine bike.

The Prius-branded concept bike that got manufactured is a conventional bike especially made with the help of Parlee Cycles. It has a light body, automatic shifter and a smartphone holder.

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