Recording and Rewarding are part of a healthy lifestyle

A lot of people do not understand why do some people record and reward their achievements in life. This article will show you the importance of recording and rewarding. After reading this article, hopefully, you can already plan and achieve your healthy lifestyle goal.


Record your achievements
Record your achievements

First and Foremost is Recording

  • Note Down any Achievements you had

If this has something to do with losing weight then you need to measure your progress each week or twice a week since it takes that long before you can see some changes in your body.

  • Put your achievements where it can be easily seen

Put them up anywhere you can spot them. This will help you see the progress you already made.

  • Motivation

Find something or someone that will motivate you to push things further. At the end, you will see that you are better than before.


Rewarding should Follow after any achievement


  • Treat Yourself to Anything that would make you Happy

A reward is what you need after all the hard days’ work. After all, you deserve it since you manage to get that far. This can be in the form of watching a movie or eating outside with a few friends.

  • Try to Involve you Family and Friends

Try to include a family or a friend on planning how to motivate you. Perhaps, you can bet your money that you can have a healthy lifestyle. These will motivate you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you fail the task then you are going to pay your friends or family, but once you achieve your goal then they should pay.

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