5 Reasons to Add Hot Yoga into your Healthy Lifestyle


Hot yoga is one of the hottest forms of exercise today and is practiced in a hot studio. The heat that comes from the studio helps the student to maximize the result that they could get from the exercise. Also helps students to easily change their form between poses. A heated studio usually has a temperature that ranges from 85 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, with the extreme temperatures use for advanced lessons. Below are the benefits that you could get when you include hot yoga into as part of your healthy lifestyle.

a group of students doing hot yoga together
a group of students doing hot yoga together

Lessened the Possibility of Getting Injured

Yoga classes challenges the capability of students to flex their way on the poses that yoga instructors would teach them. Heated room makes it easier for students to change their poses and let them flex the body even more because of the fact that warm condition inside the room makes the joints move efficiently than when, not in a heated room. As the students practiced more and more, they will have greater flexibility and the muscles will grow, decreasing the occurrence of injuries.

Pain Relief

Some people do not like to exercise because they do not want to experience stiff and joint pains. However, with the help of the warm condition of the heated room, it makes practicing hot yoga free from joint pains.

Removes Toxin

Hot yoga with Asanas can help build the body both inside and out. The combination of yoga practices increases the white cells in the body, which in turn dispose harmful toxins from the body.

Weight Loss

Trainers usually incorporate some cardio exercise in their client’s weight loss program to speed up the process. Though, hot yoga is not a high-intensity workout, it can help individuals to lose weight. Hot yoga works by increasing the body’s core temperature and this result to burning some calories during the day.


The breathing technique taught by instructors helps the student to relax. The heat also plays a role in relaxing as the body works at a more intense level. After the hard work out, the body needs to be relaxed. That is the reason why people who practices yoga are much more relax than other people who do not practice yoga. Relaxing after yoga lesson also decreases anxiety levels, which promotes better energy all through the day.

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