Fitness Training 101 – Cross Training, a good way to burn fats off your body

Most people often confuses fat from being fit. They think that those who have a proportionate height and weight are not fat. The truth is that having a proportionate body does not indicate a fit body; being fit can be determined by the fat content in a body. If you have 30% fat and less muscle, it means that you are fat.

Cross training will help you lose weight much faster
Cross training will help you lose weight much faster

Now, do not get it wrong that all fats are not wanted; there are some that we do need to live healthily. For example, the fat that protects the heart from cold. However, too much fat in the heart can also be unhealthy for you. The body just needs enough fat to shield it from harm’s way.

When talking about, a good diet cannot be ruled out. An average person needs a lot of raw fruits and lean meats, such as chicken, turkey, fish, and lower fat content beef. Calories fuel sources as they are used for energy production. The more you get older, the lesser calories you will need you tend to live a sedentary lifestyle. If you want to enjoy your food, then you need to exercise hard enough to burn those calories off your body. One of the best ways to burn those calories is through cross training.

Cross training performed by people who hangs in the gym to say away from injury. Cross training means doing another exercise program every time you are in the gym. For example, you workout the lower body on Tuesday then on Thursday; it is the upper body. Generally, those exercises are repeated intervally to prevent injury from occurring.

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