How Parents should guide their Kids to a Healthy Lifestyle?

Though some people might think that children do not need to take healthy lifestyle seriously, it does not mean that do not have to or that they are immune to disease. Obesity and high cholesterol also affect children. You might be shocked to know that some children as young as two years old, who suffers from chronic diseases.

Parents plays a role in the health of kids
Parents plays a role in the health of kids

Parents should be aware that things have changed since their time. The environment is already polluted; there are more junk foods and kids spend most of their time watching TV or playing computer games. They do not like playing outside their houses anymore like their parent use to when they were kids. A parent should understand that it is their responsibility to educate their children what is right from wrong.

Here are some guidelines on teaching kids about staying away from a sedentary lifestyle:

Cut Down time on spending time with TV and computer

Kids, these days like to spend most of their time in front of the TV and computer. They spend several hours online on social sites like Facebook and Twitter to chat with their friends, sometimes they play video games all day. Guess, you can blame it on the technology as it promotes a sedentary lifestyle for young and adults alike. Limit their time in front of the TV and computer by trying to get them to help around the house. Explain to them how beneficial learning physical activity in their lives.

Have time to Exercise

Tell your kids to get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. Help them find sports activity that they will like. If they love basketball, then enroll them in basketball clinics, if the kids love martial arts then enroll them in a martial arts school. If they do not enjoy any particular sport then encourage them to join you on your workout routine. Not only that such activity will help your kids to be healthy, but also makes a good bonding between you two.

Eat Healthy Food

A healthy diet should not be left out when thinking about a healthy lifestyle. Cook meals that kids taste great and nutritious. It will help them to stay away from diseases and provide them with the energy that they need. It is also important to explain the need for a healthy diet to help them stay on their healthy diet. If you cannot stop them from eating ice cream and other junk food then give them a day off wherein they can eat anything that they want, but it should be in a small serving.

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