Magnesium, an essential mineral for Weight Loss

Magnesium is one of the most essential mineral in our daily lives; it keeps the bones strong, hearts healthy and prevents common disorder such as constipation, kidney stones, gall stones and osteoporosis. However, not everyone knows that it can also be used to achieve weight loss.

magnesium can help people to lose weight.
magnesium can help people to lose weight.

It helps insulin accompany glucose into the cells that are essential to make energy for the whole body. If the body does not have enough magnesium, it might lead both insulin and glucose levels to rise. With nowhere to store the excess glucose, the body stores this excess glucose as fat and the individual gets fatter. Uncontrolled insulin level in the body also causes type 2 diabetes, which is the prevalent type of diabetes between the two types.

Aside from obesity, magnesium can also control stress. Stress triggers a metabolic shut down in the body, and this has undesired effects for people who want to lose weight. If there are enough supplies of magnesium, it can neutralize the effects of stress. Most of the time, overeating and food cravings are just the result of not enough supply of nutrients. If you have a healthy diet that has all the nutrients that the body needs, then you won’t have to bother with feeling hungry most of the time as your body has enough supplies of nutrients.

WebMD stated that the recommended daily amount of nutrients for women who are 31 years or over is 320 mg. However, the dosage changes for every woman who are pregnant and breastfeeding for their child. Dosage for 31 years old men and above is 420 mg.

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