Lose Weight after Quitting Smoking


A lot of smokers don’t want to quit their bad habits because they don’t want to gain weight. Many of them believe that when they quit smoking, their bellies would grew ever bigger. Though, there aren’t any scientific studies about it; there are some who did put on pounds after they quit smoking.

Some smokers gain weight after they quit their smoking habit
Some smokers gain weight after they quit their smoking habit

Here is the truth, fats come from the food you eat and stopping your smoking habit will not affect your body’s metabolism. Most smokers use this excuse to justify their smoking. In addition, some smokers develop bad eating habits after they quit smoking.

When a smoker quits smoking, he/she tries to keep themselves busy by putting something on their mouth, which is usually in the form of junk foods. A former’s smokers taste buds works pretty well after they quit smoking and this allow the former smoker to enjoy their food.

It starts with just a few junk foods every now and then, but that become a major problem as it gets worst in the long run. When they see that their bellies are getting bigger, they usually blame it on quitting their old habit.

After knowing the truth about the reasn why most former smokers gain weight, it is easier to lose weight after quitting smoking. You can chew gum instead of food because it will stay longer in the mouth. Drink lots o water as it washes the taste of any food you have eaten for the day. Stay away from eating junk foods, but if you can’t stop yourself from munching on something then try snaking on fruits and vegetables.

Quitting your smoking habit is not easy and will require a lot of discipline, commitment and motivation on your part. The first rule to succeed on anything is to learn more about it. Fill your mind with knowledge on how to fight your craving and you’ll surely lose weight after you quit smoking.

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