Herbal Teas that can help you lose weight and manage it


In the past decades, people seems to be interested on getting fit, thus the weight loss industry, which was not that popular back in our grandparent’s day has now become popular. In fact, even herbal tea manufacturers are interested in getting on-board the band wagon of this craze marvel. This article talks about the 5 best herbal teas that can help you lose weight and manage it.

Herbal teas have properties that help you lose weight
Herbal teas have properties that help you lose weight

While weight loss is what most of us would love to do, the word diet is not something that we would love to do as it means that we have to be deprive of our favorite snacks and drinks. Those exercise that you do whether at home or gym burns those unnecessary calories, but all your hard work will be in vain because the calories you replace are just getting replace by more calories if you don’t a healthy eating habit. In time, you will give up with your fitness goal and

Drinking herbal teas will help you control your eating habit, thus lose weight in the process. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to exercise anymore. You still need to have regular workouts to develop those muscles that burn more calories. Herbals teas are just there to help you to get your ideal weight.

Here are 5 herbal teas that can help you lose weight manage it for a long time.

  • Dandelion – Some people refer to it as plants that roar because they resemble the lion, which is the king of the beast. This can help you lose weight because of its natural diuretic and laxative properties that remove water and food weight even before the digestive process occurs. Some dieters think that diarrhea is good for them because they will lose some fat, but the truth is that this could lead to dehydration. Dandelion aids the digestive system because of its mild laxative properties; it can help to loosen up the bowel movements and become more regular.
  • Green Tea – Despite the name, the plant is not really herbal tea as the leaves come from the tea plant ‘camellia sinensis‘. Green Tea must have been the most popular among the herbal teas as there are several extensive researches already done about its weight loss capabilities. The weight loss capability comes from the component ‘polyphenol‘ ideal for people who want to slim down. It also has caffeine that increases the metabolism, known for its effect on burning effects on calories.
  • Guarana – Guarana has the ingredient ‘guaranine’ which works like the caffeine. It is also ideal for fighting depression and can help you cope with stress. As most of us know, depression could lead to emotional eating, which will make us fatter. However, this should not be taken in large doses because of its high caffeine-like content.
  • Hoodia Gordonii – Hoodia Gordonii is known as a ‘natural appetite suppressor’ and has been used for centuries by South African Khoisan herders to endure lengthy periods without food or water, whilst they were hunting and gathering. It contains the active ingredient, known as P57 which is responsible for appetite suppression that can “fool” the mind in thinking the stomach is full, so you’re not tempting to snack as much. Caution should be taken as long term use could lead to addiction and malnutrition.
  • Siberian Ginseng – This ginseng is popular because of its capability in stabilizing blood sugar levels thus reducing the desire to eat sugar and sweets. However, this is not recommended for people with high blood pressure, narcolepsy (frequent and uncontrollable deep sleep) or taking blood thinning drugs.

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