Fitness Training fit for Horses

Horses that belong to the category of racehorses, eventers, or standard bred should be trained in three distinct stages of conditioning for fitness. Moving too fast unto the next stage might cause some injury; worst your horse might suffer from mental stress. The first stage is called be leading work (at trot, canter, and gallop) and done to strengthen the mechanical-skeletal system in the absence of weight-bearing stress. The second stage should consist of training for aerobic conditioning , and the last stage is speed training for anaerobic conditioning. Endurance horses should not be trained in anaerobic conditioning until if they are not yet in their competitive level, and this takes time as it could only be implemented on their training after their fourth year competing of competitions.

A horse that is fit for competition
A horse that is fit for competition

Both speed and distance training should not be raised to the next level at the same time; it should be done one after another. In fact, speed should be the last training that needed to be introduced. It is advisable to increase the training effect by working the horse one afternoon and then the following morning. For this thinking of decreasing the training effect, you can do this by working the horse in the morning and then the afternoon of the next day.

If you notice that the horse isn’t up to the task then ease up on training immediately. Similarly, if, at any time, the horse becomes slower than usual in their work, ease up on training at once. The horse should be always on the go.

If you noticed that your horse happens to be sour, going off their feed, and/or losing weight, you should reduce the time of their training and give them more rest days into the training. Before a competition, the horse should be given less training so that the horse’s muscle is relaxed. This will allow the horse be fully ready for the competition. Ensure that you trim down the grain that you give her accordingly.

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