Depression and Strength Training – How Strength Training helps people with Depression

Depression affects people from all walks of life; it can affect adults, teenagers and even children. Experts believe that by the year 2020 it will be the 2nd most halting condition in the world. In fact, it is considered as the number one mental disorder in the US. There is already an estimated 17 million people in the US that are on Prozac, the second most commonly prescribed drug.

Strength training can counter the effects of depression
Strength training can counter the effects of depression

Depression is considered a huge a problem in all parts of the world with an estimated cost in the US alone of more than $40 billion dollars per year, and a yearly loss amounting to two hundred million work hours. This mental state is the 8th leading cause of death.

Depression occurs when a person feels low and sad. This is a normal occurrence, and you will experience at one point of your life. Most people don’t have a problem from recovering from it, but there are those who can’t recover from depression alone.

New research uncovers the connection of physical activity and depression. It is a given fact that exercise has numerous benefits such as promotes cardiovascular (heart/lung) health, lowers blood pressure, keeps bones strong, improves muscle tone and strength, as well as helps to energize you and help reduce the amount of fat in your body.

How can Exercise affect Depression?

Numerous studies have proven that can increase self-esteem, improve mood, reduce anxiety levels, increase the ability to handle stress, and improve sleep patterns. All of The which contributes to the depressed state of a person.

Experts believe that a proper exercise program with strength training exercise provides similar improvements in depression as anti-depressant medications minus the negative side effects. Strength training provides a treatment for depression. After a strength training session, endorphin levels (feel good hormones) are increased by more than 60 percent, which leaves you rejuvenated and even euphoric, and this help your mind to be trouble-free.

A person who does strength training has their self confidence and self-esteem improve, which greatly affects the overall quality of life. For those of you who never exercised before, participating in an exercise program can be considered as a skill. People who undergoes exercise program experience a mood boost and increased energy levels when they become a master of that program. This can be considered as an accomplishment and achievement that counters the effect of depression.

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