What is the Ideal Body Weight?


What comes to your mind whenever someone asks you about the ideal weight? I bet that the first thing that you think about is the hot bodies of models and celebrities. The size zero bodies of beautiful women may look awesome on magazine pages or on television screens, but, that doesn’t mean that they are healthy.

Miranda Kerr is hot, but she don't have an ideal body weight
Miranda Kerr is hot, but she don’t have an ideal body weight

What is an ideal weight then?

An ideal weight is a body that is both healthy and fit. You would notice how health expert never emphasizes on the term ideal weight as they want to focus on being healthy. While diet and physical activities affects how the body looks like, there are other factors such as age, race, genetics, family history of body weight, environmental factors, behavior and metabolism rate that contributes to the shape of the body of a person.

Body weight vs. Body Mass Index

Let’s start with the basics here. The ideal body weight of a person differs from one another. . The first thing that must be done is to measure the height of a person. You’ll need it to calculate the body mass index (BMI), which means the weight, measured in kilogram or pound, divided by the square of height, measured in meters or feet. A healthy body weight of a normal person is somewhere around 19 and 24.9. Those that have BMI of below 19 and above 24.9 are not healthy in any way.

Attaining the ideal weight

Simple, you need to exercise and eat all the right food at the right amount. The secret here is to balance the energy consumption with the energy expenditure. You’ll be fatter if the energy expenditure is less than your energy consumption. When you increase your level of physical activities you burn the unused calories or otherwise known as fat.

A person is deemed underweight when the amount of calorie intake is less than the amount of calorie used during exercise. Solution – eat more and exercise at the same rate.


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