4 Rules about Healthy Living


BY now, we should be familiar with the rules in healthy living. It is damn easy, yet many of us fail to abide by the rule. Eat healthy food, exercise for 30 (or 60 or 90 depending on your capacity) minutes daily, don’t smoke, don’t drink, a whole lots of don’t.

Everyone knows that rules are bound to be break, but try to abide to it, if you want a change in your life
Everyone knows that rules are bound to be break, but try to abide to it, if you want a change in your life

Every year, we make promises to get fit and forget about them after two weeks in the first month of the New Year. We keep on telling ourselves that we will start with our fitness routine tomorrow, but that tomorrow never came.

This applies to all of us as even those dedicated people at the gym are guilty of committing this mistake. No matter how dedicated they are to having a great body, there is a point in their lives that they don’t want to exercise no more. And this goes for the rest of the people who want to lose weight.

Here is some simple rule to live a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to other people. This should be at the first of the list because people aren’t the same. Sad to say, there are those who are just seemed to be better than you and there is nothing you can do about that. What you can do, however, is to concentrate on yourself and accept the fact that you are not perfect. From then on, you can do some minor adjustments to your life that will lead to a better you.
  2. Forget about rewards. If you keep looking forward to the cake you will be having at the end of the day then you are just going to keep on piling the pounds. You’ll always think this way and that is hard to change. What you can do, is to start thinking about the long term effect of what you are doing right now.
  3. Keep a journal. List everything you eat so you can keep track of the calories that you intake. There is no one else to do it for you, unless you pay someone to do it for you. Of course, not every person has the money to do that, so your just have to settle with doing it yourself. And it is harder to lie to yourself than to lie to others.
  4. Baby steps. All the bad habit that you have, had been formed all through your life. You just can’t expect to change your lifestyle in just a few months. You just need to take a step one after another and that will improve your life. What is great about taking baby steps is that you are not forcing yourself to do it since it is simpler than doing it all at once.


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