Natural Supplements that can help us in an actual gout attack

Gouts are indeed a serious problem that is prevalent among men, but there are times when some women acquired the disease, as well. Fortunately, there are natural supplements, which can help us in the fight against gout. The secret here is limiting the uric acids in the body. To limit uric acid, we need to have the right diet, as well as the supplements that could relieve us of the problem.

As we already know, gout is the building of uric acids in the joints. The crystals are the results of the body not being able to get rid of the acid from our system.

gout attack
We can prevent gout attack if we know what to do.

Our kidney eliminates most of the uric acid, but problem arises when the kidney can’t do its job properly. Fortunately, we can take supplement to help the kidney get rid of the excess uric acid in our system.

Uric acid is the result of the breakdown of purines. Purines have something to do with the protein and energy requirement of the body. The breakdown of the urines is natural and the by product is the uric acid.

Here are the 5 natural supplements that we can take to reduce the acid in the body

Vitamin E

Most Purine foods don’t have enough vitamin E, so taking a supplement rich with vitamin E solves the problem.

Vitamin C

Aside from increasing urinary excretion, vitamin C can lower uric acid levels. However, too much of anything is also bad as too much vitamin C can also trigger gout attack.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex breaks the uric acid into harmless components, which can be easily be flush out of the system. And people suffering from gout problem have a deficiency in vitamin B, so intake of B complex solves the problem.

Fish Oil

Though, it won’t help in reducing the acid levels, its properties can reduce the pain it not eliminate the pain in an actual gout attack.

Tissue Salts

Tissue salts also prevent the actual formation of uric acid crystals, therefore eliminating gout symptoms.


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