Toxic Mold and Weight Loss

Whenever we talk about mold health problem, people think about respiratory system. Anyone, who accidentally breathe in spores will experience coughing, wheezing, a running nose, fever, headaches, and fatigue.

Long term exposure to toxic mold might result to memory loss, mood disorders, and damage to the nervous system. Some even complain about weight loss and weight gain, but some people doubt it since it have no scientific explanation. Now, scientist presents us with the factors connecting it all.

toxic mold
Exposure to toxic molds can result to weight loss.

How toxic molds contribute to weight loss

As the spores enter the body, the healthy cells are immediately destroyed. And since the respiratory system is connected to the digestive system, there is a chance for the mold spores to find its way to the digestive tract.

The presence of the mold on the digestive system destroys the normal function of the system, and it interferes with various digestive processes and weakening the organs. This could result to diarrhea and vomiting, as our bodies forcibly try to get rid of the harmful toxin. This could lead to immediate weight loss, but this is unnatural and therefore, not a recommended way to lose weight.

Have you heard of the term sick building syndrome?

The sick building syndrome (SBS) is a gathering of symptoms connected to a person’s residence or workplace. Most of the time, it is the result of poor ventilation system (which includes flaws in air-conditioning and heating). This is a common problem for both new and old buildings.

If a building is badly ventilated, there is no way for the noxious fumes and toxins from contaminants can escape. They are trapped in the building, there; they would multiply and will get their way to next room.

Poor ventilation is not the only culprit for the sick building syndrome. Other reasons might be because of the existence of poisonous volatile compounds, a lack of sufficient air filtration, and of course, molds.



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