4 Weight Loss Issues you need to know

Weight loss is something that most people would want. But, the problem is that it is not as easy as they might think it is. They tend to forget to do the one important thing to be successful at losing weight. They forgot to prepare their mind and by that, it means that you should undergo weight loss hypnosis. You can do all the weight loss diet and conditioning in the world, but you won’t win the battle of the bulges if your mind is not condition at all.

weight loss issues
Some people aren’t successful at their chosen weight loss program simply because they don’t understand the issues that is hindering their weight loss success.

Sure, we all need to eat since that is what fueling the body. We use the energy in our daily lives, but too much of anything is always bad for us. And too much eating could result to being overweight, in some cases it could lead to obesity. When we got to the point when we are obese, it is almost a losing scenario since our body won’t be able to move like the way we use to move before. That is when the weight loss issue starts. Suddenly walking a few miles is already bothersome. The hunger pang is just getting stronger everyday and it won’t stop unless, we do something about it.

If you want to lose weight, then you need to know about what is triggering the hunger fang. Here are the things that would trigger them:

  1. Your body needs it – This involves us all as no one is exempted from this. It starts when we are just a baby as we cry because of hunger, our mother would stick bottled milk in our mouth. This would stop the hunger pain and would stop us from crying. Of course, you do understand that this is important as we are hungry and needed that milk to satisfy our needs.
  2. It provides temporary relaxation and pleasure . – if you notice that a baby would start to cry when it is hungry. Now, stick a bottle of milk to it then it would stop crying. The baby gets relax as it is not hungry anymore.
  3. Eating is a conditioned response – If you have a dog and you would fed it, you would notice that it would wag its tail whenever you are calling it, as they are used to the fact that you are going to feed them. Thus, you would see that overtime, they would be glad to see you as they know that it would be feeding time for them. The same thing happened to people as you watch while eating; your mind would make a picture that you are eating. From then on, every time you are watching TV, your mind thinks that it is missing something if you are not eating.
  1. Eating too much because they are too emotional – Some people tend to eat too much because they felt comfortable with it. Maybe it has something to do with their love ones or anyone that is close to them. Pretty sure, you have heard of comfort foods before; that would be the last reason. Overtime, this would become a subconscious thing, which means that you won’t notice that you are eating too much.


Knowing is just half the battle, but it would surely give you a boost on what you should do. Next thing that you need to do is to work it out. Get to the gym and bring your buddy to have someone to motivate you while reaching your goal. This won’t be easy, but at least, you are doing something.



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