Losing weight is not a race


For many, losing weight seems to be an impossible task as they have tried a lot of diets and exercise program before, but drastically fail to lose weight. It seems that a few weeks with the program is enough for a person to quit. But, the good news is that you don’t need to worry about losing weight if that is your problem. Research shows that it is actually good to have some kind of breaks in your weight loss program as you could get better results with that.

losing weight
Losing weight don’t need to be a competition. You can lose weight without rushing and most of the time, this would be effective.

In a study, researchers noted that weighing yourself as part of your daily routine helps you to adjust your food intake and exercise routine. Though, you might not see the results immediately, but you would see it overtime. Research shows that frequent breaks with your exercise routine and diet would help you to lose some weight. Take note that you don’t need to count the calorie intake with this method, but you do need to measure your weight daily.

The method is known as the “ Caloric Titration Method ”, wherein you would not need to rush your weight loss progress. The procedure should be done in one at a time manner as you need to lose around 1% of your body weight and you need to maintain it for just a week. Such procedure allows you to eat regularly and exercise less.

Remember that your goal should be to lose another 1% in another week, so this method is not that hard. You need to follow the routine till you get to the desired weight. Unlike, other methods, this would help the body to keep its weight for a week by doing it in a slow pace. You can take frequent breaks along the way. It might not work for a model or an athlete, but for an average person, who only wants to two to lose three kilograms of weight, this method would be best for you.

Don’t forget to weigh yourself at the same time daily as that would make sure that you are measuring yourself right. We won’t be able to weigh ourselves rights if we don’t weigh ourselves at the same time on a daily activity. There is a fluctuation in our weight if we measure our body weight not the same time daily. We need to measure it the same time that we first measure ourselves to see the right results in our body.

Losing weight shouldn’t be done as fast as you can. Chances are you won’t be able to sustain that if you lose weight as fast as possible. This is not a race and you are not going to do this one time as you need to do this in your life time.



Source: The Conversation

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