Weight Loss and Weight Gain Explanation


Embarking on a weight loss diet does not always have a positive effect on the body. Needless to say, your body won’t be happy to lose its fat. In most cases, your body won’t just lose fat as it would also shed some muscle and bone density.

Weight loss might be hard to understand somehow, but here is an explanation that would hopefully shed some light on you.

According to a research study in Denmark, 60% of the total weight loss comes from fat and 40% comes from lean muscles. Now, when a person tries to regain back their weight, only 24 percent of the lean muscle would come back and the rest would be fat. This mean that the lean muscle would turn into fat and that won’t be a good sign.

For women, they would lose 35% of their lean muscles and the rest would be fat. If they try to regain weight, they would only get 15% back of the lean muscles and the rest would be fat. Sadly, this would be unhealthy since their muscles would be replaced with fat.

Weight loss diet would be detrimental to your health since too much fat is never healthy. The research was done back in 2002, but the reports only come up till it was 2011. Since then, there are many diets that have been introduced to the public with bad effects on the body and the bad effects of diets still continue even now.

If we are going to consider the body composition to prevent weight regain then we would have a much higher chance of losing weight. Remember that you would only put on the weight after five years regardless of the amount of fat you loss. This is the link between body composition and weight regain.

It is said that muscle and fat cells function different in the body. Each cell has its unique function, but we don’t need to fully understand their function if we want to lose weight. In order to lose weight, we only need to understand that lean tissue cells tend to burn energy. The fat cells are where the energy comes from. It means that the more muscles we have, the more fat we burn and vice versa.

To explain it in a simple way, let’s say we burn 2000 calories before our diet. After dieting, we would only burn less than 2000 since there are less muscle cells that would burn the calories. If we eat as much as before then the body won’t be able to burn as much fat as before. This would lead us to become fatter than before.

If you want to prevent this mistake then you simply need to choose a weight loss program that would keep your body composition the same as before. By keeping the same muscle tissues while dieting, you would surely be able to burn the calories in the food that you eat. This proves that you need the same amount of calories even if you are into a weight loss programme.

If you tried to lose weight before, you know that it is harder to lose weight as time passes by, that is a great indicator that you are doing it all wrong. Remember that you need a slow and steady progress to be on the right track. Don’t be tempted to lose large amount of weight in as little time as possible. You need to do it slowly and don’t forget to do regular exercises while you are in a diet.

Even if you manage to reach your target weight, you need to keep up the pace. You need the right amount of nutrients and calories in your body to maintain your desired weight. This ensures that your body can use the calories in your diet.

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