Wearing your leggings won’t be a problem anymore at the gym

According to medical experts, donning our exercise gear, especially leggings for longer than the time we spend exercising can cause a bunch of dermatological problems. Which isn’t exactly ideal.

Now, it seems that there won’t be a problem anymore as a local fitness clothing brand has come up with a solution. They have come up with a solution to wearing leggings while going to the gym. This would solve the problem most ladies are facing when they are working out with their leggings.

Fitted Clothing UK, based in Horsforth, sells leggings specifically designed for what is an increasing number of women who exercise or workout in the gym and at bootcamps. Its Athletic Fit leggings, which have only just hit the market, are specially cut and shaped for women with toned, athletic or muscular legs who struggle to find a pair to fit them comfortably all over, particularly while exercising.

Who made them?

The said product is the work of Joe Gibson , a 29-year-old gym manager in Leeds, who set up Fitted Clothing UK as an online sales business after having the leggings manufactured to precise measurements. He said: “Lots of women who train seriously work on their legs and end up having to buy a bigger waist size to actually get their legs in. “Our leggings solve that problem for a wide range of different shaped and sized customers as they fit well without compromising on a loose waistband or a tight squeeze on the legs and hips. “They are totally non-transparent too, which is also very important,” he added.
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