5 Fitness Tips to follow this Christmas season

Holiday is coming and everyone would be busy this coming Christmas. For sure, some of you would be enjoying their time with friends or family and would be merry. And you would be wondering at the end of the season why you have put so many pounds on your belly. At that time, it is probably too late to do anything since you already put on the pounds and your belly is bigger than before. It would take months before you could get rid of those bulging belly. That is a good reason to plan your fitness regime right now, so you won’t end up with a fat belly at the end of the month.

  • Don’t deprive yourself – Most people would be feasting and would eat lots of food during the holiday. If you have been invited to a gathering, don’t try over indulge yourself to eating the best food the holidays have to offer. Try to have a bite of everything, so that you won’t be craving. You don’t need to eat too much of everything. Just a little portion of everything would satisfy your craving.
  • If you have eaten big meals, remember to sweat it out in the gym – Sweets are a classic in every household during the Holiday season. Aside from that, beer and those lechon (roasted pig) would be hard to ignore. Well, there is no other way to that since it only comes once a year, but do remember that you need to work out after that. Go to the gym to make sure that you be able to sweat all that you have eaten during the holiday. A gym session would be ideal since you need to sweat it out and to be honest, this is the time that you would see most of your friends on the gym since they too have troubles with their bulging belly.
  • Time your eats— We need to consider timing in eating since that would help us to easily lose the wright. With this in mind, we must make a conscious effort to time our workouts before a heavy meal. That way, we will be consuming a post workout recovery meal that is in support of muscle growth. Do those pushups or bicep curls in front of that juicy slab of roast beef oozing with gravy if you must.
  • Restrict the liquid calories—Soft drinks and anything cold is really refreshing, but it is also the biggest contributor in the weight problem. We will have lots of these during the holidays since those drinks are mostly served be overloading on calories with what we are drinking. After all, most Christmas parties will have such drinks served alongside already rich food selections. Instead of going for these empty calories to accompany our meals and quench our thirst (which it will fail to do), let’s go for unlimited, free-flowing glasses of water. Calorie-free and thirst quenching.
  • Enjoy your fitness routine – This is the most important thing to lose weight since without this, you won’t be able to last long with your fitness regime. If you don’t enjoy something, you will most likely discontinue it at some point. Enjoyment is the key, as living the fitness lifestyle is challenging but equally rewarding. Take the time to clarify for yourself the reasons for why you want to train and eat healthy.

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