Mother from Australia lose 100 kg

Being overweight can certainly lower your chances of getting love and career. Well, some company looks at the physique of their employee since they need them on the frontlines. This is the same reason why many would want to lose weight.

Shari Ware knows this well as the simple act of getting out of bed is already a chore for her. At least, that was her situation when she was at her heaviest – 180kg.

However she was able to transform her life around when she lose more than 100 kg. She did it over the course of a few years. This has inspired her to open her business.

Ware live in Southport in Queensland, Australia never have a healthy lifestyle. Over the course off her life, she ballooned to her fattest self.

“My biggest issue was mainly that I used to eat too much of rice, pasta and bread,” she told

Apparently, anything food that in excess of what we need has its downfall as it would contribute to your weight problem.

Her highest recorded weight was 170.2kg. However, Ware is sure that her weight reached a high of at least 180kg.

In 2010, she reached a point at which she knew it was time to turn her life around. That was the time when he turn things around and manage to lose 10 kg of her weight, simply by following a wholesome diet and she also become more active.

By the second year she had lost another 50kg, followed by a further 35kg the year after.

Ware managed to lose approximately 100.5kg in total and has since released a book called Fat to Fabulous: Diet Free Weight Loss for Real Women.

“On a daily basis nowadays, I eat lots of fresh vegetables, some fresh fruit, lean proteins and healthy fats,” she said.

She want to know more about dieting so she continue to educate herself. Just last year, Ware founded her own institution called Why Weight Loss Institute to help others achieve their own health aspirations as a neuro-linguistic programming practitioner.

Now, she could really say that she very proud of herself as her daughter is not embarrassed her presence anymore.

Source: Independent UK, News AU



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