Three Exercise Myths that slow Fast Weight Loss Result for Women

Exercise myths are a hindrance to fast weight loss. Most women who are trying to lose weight make the mistake of implementing these exercise myths. As a result, most women give up early in their program. If you are a woman, you should know the three top exercise myths so that you could avoid it.

weight loss for women
Losing weight is not that hard if you know what is true.

The first exercise myth is using “Fat Burn Mode” while performing your cardio workout. The program keeps the heart rate low so that the body uses the body fat as their energy. The only problem is that you will need a minimum of two hours exercising to burn that much calories. Since this is a fast-pace world most women do not have the luxury to spend that many time in exercising. They could increase the intensity of their workout for faster result. Whenever you increase the intensity of your workout, there will be less time needed for the workout. Do not worry about the calories burned as it has the same result.

Target Training’ comes next to my lists. Fats cells tend to develop around the thighs and abdomen areas. The fat gets stored in those areas. The myth here is about the number of crunches needed to get that dream abs. Another myth is that performing a large number of lunges will do the same for your thighs. There is no way that you can target train for fat loss. Working on those areas will only result to a stronger muscle on those areas. Fat loss can only occur when there is more number of calories burned than the number of calories taken in a day. Concentrating on exercise that burn a significant number of calories would be ideal to lose fat fast. The most notable thing that we should remember when losing weight is that we must exercise regularly to improve those troubled areas.

Third myth related to muscle growth. Most women believe that weight training will result to a bulky body. This is the reason why most women avoid lifting heavy weights. However, it is not true since the development of the body has something to do with the hormone. Only men have the hormone that helps the body to increase its mass and make the body bulkier. Women can never develop a body just like a man if they are not taking supplements. Now, to get faster result for losing weight, women should add muscle mass since it increases the metabolic rate of the body that burns more calories.

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