Losing Weight without the need for Exercise

People are always obsessed with getting fit and they would try anything that would help them to be fit, even those fad diets that some considers as detrimental to health. Some people would try these quick fixes even if they are aware of the harm that it can do to their body.

fad diets
Fad diets

For the people that have tried these methods, they know that these fad diets would help them lose weight, but the problem arises after that. The pounds that they lose creep back and in some cases even more. For example, a man loses 15 pounds with the help of fad diets, but after that he had slack a bit and his weight increases to 20 pounds more.


Of course, there will be fitness professionals that will endorse it and while they say that it works for them. They have the discipline to do it, but an average person will be easily tempted to go back with their eating habit as they don’t have the discipline to keep it for long. The human body needs several nutrients to work properly and relying on diet supplements alone to provide that is not enough. The key here is variety of foods, you should eat a minimum of this and that to get the required amount of nutrients that the body needs. When you are on a fad diet, you are excluding some nutrients needed by the body and that is dangerous to your health.


The secret here is the discipline and you can’t do that overnight. It needs hard work and dedication before you can see some results on your body. Any fitness experts would agree that the problem with obesity has to do more with the amount of foods that people consume on a daily basis. The portion of foods that most people nowadays are larger than their body really needs. As an example, is the super sized value meal that is being served on most fast foods around the world? Sure we can blame it on the super sized meals and junk foods that are eaten on a daily basis, but each one of us is responsible for the food that we eat. We should take the responsibility of eating the right portion ourselves. In fact, most of us would watch television with some colas and junk food on the side.

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