Myths about Pilates

If you are not familiar with Pilates, then you are left out since Pilates is one of the hottest forms of exercise today. Not only, it strengthens the body’s core strength as it also promotes flexibility, proper posture, coordination, stability, and balance. However, some people don’t like to practice this exercise since they believe in the myths that surround it.



Here, are the myths about Pilates:

1. Pilates may only be enjoyed by dancers.

If you are a dancer, then you won’t have any problem with this myth. However, for a regular person, they should know that the creator of Pilates was both a gymnast and a boxer. Joseph Pilates believes that body movement helps in the rehabilitation process. In the past, Pilates was used in the hospital because it helps injuries to heal quickly. Dancers are drawn to practice Pilates since they always get injured from their dance routine.

2. Pilates is just a fad.

Lot of celebrities has proven it for themselves. If you think that this only works for celebrities, then better think again since there are many ordinary people who are trying this as it is enjoyable. As you do it every day, you will find out that your posture is getting better, and your core is getting stronger.

3. Pilates is just for rich people.

Many thinks that this workout is only for the rich since the equipment used is not that affordable. What they don’t know is that there are replacements for the equipment used in Pilates. Some of the cheaper alternatives are exercise balls, exercise bands, a foam roll and exercise mat.

4. Pilates only involves stretching.

Most people see Pilates as only a way to improve their flexibility. Well, this is where they are wrong since Pilates has advance session that can strengthen the body. Among the principles of Pilates, is that toned and stretched muscles are less prone to tears and other related injuries. This is the reason why many athletes love this workout.

5. Pilates is just a form of Yoga.

Pilates can never be just a form of Yoga since they are two different forms of exercise. The founder admits that he got influenced by movements such as martial arts, Yoga, boxing, Tai Chi, and calisthenics. Pilates is different from Yoga because Pilates focuses on thoughtful motion while the other one comes from meditation and spiritual tradition.

6. Pilates are only for women.

This is the reason why most men won’t practice this exercise. Though, there are many men, who aren’t flexible, some men are flexible enough to move gracefully. The latter type of men has e better control and co-ordination in their movement.

If you want to try Pilates, go for the beginner workout. Gradually work up the body until you felt that you are stronger prior to doing the harder part of Pilates. Pilates has a lot of benefits to the body.

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