9 Ridiculous Myths that Women believe in

Most women believe in some exercise myths. It is important for them to separate fact from fiction so that they could have a healthier body. Here, are nine myths that bother women:


perfect woman
perfect woman

Myth #1There is a “perfect” woman – Our society has a huge misbelief that women have to look a certain way in order to be attractive. This can be seen among different cultures with many different ways of measuring a woman’s beauty. The sad truth is that the image of an ideal woman isn’t easy to achieve by the large majority. The positive aspect to this though, is that every woman can be.

Myth #2Strength training makes you bulky – How many times I have met women exercising in the gym that they would become bulky for lifting weights? Personally, I found rather ridiculous since women doesn’t have the genetic make-up to be bulky. Strength training for women means that they would have a toned body. The only way that a woman could grow bigger is that she would take growth hormones or drugs that would provide the testosterone needed in order to grow much bigger!

Myth #3Eating less food means you’ll lose more weight – Most women starve themselves almost to the point of death. Well not exactly to the point of dying, I am just noting how serious they are with their diet.

This must have been the biggest myth yet since starving yourself lets the body trigger the defense mechanism. When the body gets starve, the body thinks that there is famine. The body then starts storing fat in order for us to survive.

Myth #4Swimming is a good way to lose weight – Some people actually think that swimming is the best form of exercise. The truth is that swimming has a very low impact to the body so it couldn’t challenge the body to develop better. You will see better results when you are exercising on land.

Myth #5Drinking coffee makes it harder to lose weight – The fact is coffee make us more alert because of the caffeine present in the granules. It also increases our metabolism, making it much easier to lose weight. Of course, that is if you don’t put sugar and milk on your coffee.

Myth #6Eating fat makes you fat – Some people actually believe that eating fat makes them fatter, when it is needed to sustain human life. Just don’t forget that too much or too little of anything is bad for you. A healthy amount of fat to eat per day for fat loss is between 30g – 40g.

Myth #7Smoking is a good way, to lose weight – smoking does help to control the metabolism, but they are also detrimental to our health. You could also notice that smoker tend to be fatter than non-smokers.

Myth #8Skipping breakfast helps you lose weight – Skipping breakfast might help you to lose weight at first, but it would take its toll and you won’t want the result of starving yourself. There would come a time when you can’t take it anymore, and you would simply give in to your craving. During that time, you would just find yourself getting fatter than you used to be.

Myth #9Margarine is less fattening than butter – Margarine is just the same as butter.

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