Things to know about Strength Training

Strength training can be either done alone or combined with other form of trainings. Different training methods differs from each other through health and benefits because of low reps and high rest gaps.

Strength Training
Strength Training

How To Train

If not done, properly, it can be the cause of injury. This is reason why it is advisable to do it after warm-up and stretch routines. Strength training involves greater the resistance and the fewer the reps done the better. The body is forced to use all its strength in a few repetitions because of the high resistance involves in strength training. Rest is essential when doing strength training since it repairs the torn cells of the body. You will find out that you are stronger the next time that you lift the same resistance.

Rest Periods

Adenosinetriphosphate, or ATP is present in the body, and the body uses it to fuel muscle contraction. There are only a few ATP so it must be used wisely. This is the reason why strength training done with few reps.


Weight training exercise can also be classified as strength training, but compound exercises involve the most muscles and should form the core of any strength training program. Especially Squats, Deadlift and Bench Press. Exercises must depend on the goal of an individual.

Pyramid Training

Pyramid Training differs from other forms of training in a way that resistance must be increase and the number of reps decreases, or the opposite way. This way, it could create a more rounded workout, but the result depends on the amount of reps.


Periodisation is almost similar to pyramid training, but this exercise method is ideal for athletes is preparing for a specific event. Reps and resistance added as the athlete builds strength until the day of competition.

Different forms of training have its pros and cons. It is necessary to know your goal before beginning with your own exercise program.

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