Top 10 Pillars of Strength Training (6 to 10)

6. Lift With Proper Form


proper form of lifting weights
proper form of lifting weights

Those who want to show off in the gym tend to injure themselves more often. Most of them lack the knowledge about the proper form. They focused too much on their ego and forgot the most important part of lifting weight – safety. Lifting weights should not lead to injury; you should know the proper form of lifting eight to prevent any injury form happening.

7. Core Lifts

Your training should be based around the big multi-joint multi-muscle lifts such as the squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press, and row. These exercises are the best way to build strength better than anything else. These exercises can work multiple muscles and muscle groups and follow natural body movement patterns. The lifts can be done using the greatest amount of weight compared with isolation exercises such as cable crossovers, which leads to greater gains in strength and muscle building.

8. Variety

Though, you should focus on your core lifts to build your core first; you should also include a variety of exercises in order to maximize your training. Lifts known as assistance exercises used in building build upon the core lifts and strengthening the muscles used leading to greater strength and muscle building. The lifts you can use have a wide range of tools and only limited to your imagination. These exercises should be done with less weight and a different set and rep schemes than your main lifts. The variety helps to fight boredom that could prevent you from having a great body.

9. Personal Trainer?

This is a controversial one, should you employ a personal trainer or not? Most people hire trainer to keep them motivated throughout the training; still there are those who want learn something new from their trainers. I would say that I fall into those two categories when I was just starting more than a year ago. Though, they might be a good reason to get a trainer, you should not be too much dependent on your personal trainer. Money wisely, they want you to depend on them so that they could make a cash-cow out of you. This is the reason why I chose not to continue hiring my personal trainer. When I finally learn what is needed to be learned, I did not renew my personal training program since I would be wasting money on the trainer. Besides, my trainer wasn’t teaching me some new way to exercise anymore. So, why should I continue to hire him?

Another thing, why I don’t like to have a trainer is that some of them aren’t professional at all. This happens before I hired a trainer to teach me. I remember that one of the personal trainers in the gym used to say bad things behind my back. I’m sure that, I am not the only one who had heard about it since he often tells it to the other guys in the gym. One day, I was trying to get him sign my card and then he yelled on me. I tried to be civilized and keep my heads cool, but I can’t forget it. So, when I finally came back to the gym the next day, my mind was made up. If the owner, of the gym wouldn’t do something about his trainer. Then I would resort to violence against that trainer. I finally had a chat with the owner and told him what his trainer was doing. The owner is a reasonable man, so he suspended the trainer for his unprofessional behavior. When the other guys learned what happened to that trainer, most of them were happy as they don’t like that trainer too. And yes, they did confess how that trainer harassed me.

10. Have Fun!

Training should be fun, so if you experience some from harassment from a trainer then you should report it to the authority.

Remember that training is never a tedious chore. If you see training as a chore then. You don’t have the right mindset to train. Hit the gym with your goals in mind. Picture yourself nailing the 315 lb squat that has eluded you for a few weeks. Picture your bodyfat % hitting the level you’ve been striving for. Picture your doctor smiling as he tells you how much your health has improved. Compete with yourself at the gym to keep it fun and entertaining. Beat what you did last time; this ironically is the basis behind progressive overload, the best strategy for strength and muscle gains. All you do in the gym must be fun for you!


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