Let’s Tackle Acupuncture for Weight Loss!

Acupuncture is an ancient practice by Chinese used to treat almost any kind of diseases. Today, this practice is an acceptable means of medicine even in the Western World. Can it help people who want to lose weight? Yes, acupuncture can be used to help people in their weight lost endeavor.


Obesity is a common problem that many people from all over the world suffer from. Some people can counteract this by just diet and exercise, but others aren’t lucky enough as they don’t have enough discipline to control their weight problem. One convenient way of losing weight is through weight loss hypnosis. We have already tackled that in another article. This time I will tackle another way to lose weight other than hypnotherapy. Acupuncture is another option you could opt for in an effort to lose weight.

I mentioned hypnosis since acupuncture for weight loss is similar to weight loss hypnosis because it forces the mind to relax and allows the energy to flow through the various meridians on the body. What differs this from the other method is that a physician inserts a needle into a particular meridian on the body that release a hormone called endorphins, while the other treatment puts you into sleep. If you aren’t familiar with endorphins, this is the hormone that the body releases every time they feel satisfied with something. As the body produces lots of endorphin, the level of insulin reduces. Insulin has something to do with fat. It is assumed that the fat decreases when the body doesn’t have enough insulin.

Aside from the scientific effect of acupuncture to the overall weight loss progress of a person, the act of sticking the needles on to the skin of a person will allow him/her to lose his/her appetite. The cravings of a person also affected. This method also increases the metabolism of the person that has been treated with needles.

Perhaps one of the most prominent benefit of this type of treatment for weight loss is that the entire process is natural; unlike the other types of methods for weight loss that are available which are surgery and diet pills, this is one of the safest method to lose weight.


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