Fight Acne by Having a Healthy Lifestyle

For teenagers, acne must have been the worst enemy as they can’t flirt with their crushes at school. It’s very hard for a young girl to be notice by his crush if she has acne. This made me tackle acne and how healthy lifestyle can get us rid of this facial mishap.


teenager with acne problem
teenager with acne problem

What is acne? It is created when the lining of the pores and ducts and the sebaceous glands start to make more oil. Acne takes place, and the duct lining shed cells that float to the surface of the skin by sebum. The duct gets blocked and the dead skin cell and sebum forms a mass, which plugs the pore. This is known as comedo. The longer the plugs stay below the skin, the better chances of whiteheads (closed comedo) formed. Once the plug pops up out of the duct, it’s called an open comedo, or blackhead.

There are many factors that contribute to outbreaks of acne, but no one knows what causes it, or why it begins in the teenage years. Some says that it has to do with hereditary.

Though, acne is just part of teenage years, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do something about it.

Perhaps the best way to ward off acne is by living a healthy life. Most experts believe that a healthy lifestyle can combat the growth of acne. Healthy lifestyle involves your diet, sleep patterns, the way you play, etc.

If you want to avoid acne problems, then live a healthy lifestyle it does a lot in fighting stress. Stress contributes to acne problem. When you’re stress, it is harder to sleep, and you’ll find it hard to control your diet. There are foods that we should stay away from so that we won’t have acne problem. Most nuts contribute to acne problem. Now, tell me, can you stay away from eating nuts if you’re stressed out? Some people can stay away even when they are stressed, but some people lose their will power when they are stressed. We should overcome stress.

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