Live Healthily and have a Beautiful, Healthy Skin as you Grow Older

Though, health experts have been preaching not to eat food for a decade. Do you wonder why junk foods are still around? Simple, only a few people, can resist them. Eating a well balanced diet is not that easy as they preach since you got to change your lifestyle. This is the reason why many older people tend to have ugly and unhealthy skins. They don’t have the will-power to say no to junk foods. So, if you want to have a healthy and beautiful skin until you grow older, you should stay away from junk foods right now and say yes to healthy eating.

woman with a healthy skin
woman with a healthy skin

The foods that you should be eating are those foods rich in antioxidants and beta carotene since these two vitamins can help you have a glowing and healthy skin. Foods that are rich in both antioxidants and beta carotene helps you to flush off toxins from your body. Some of the foods that you should be eating are whole grains, sun flower seeds, avocado, walnuts and almonds.

Eat healthy foods, but avoid foods that contain refined carbs such as cookies and white bread. Drink plenty of water and tea; also stay hydrated all the time.

Whole grains have the anti aging antioxidants that are responsible to make us look-younger. It also contains fiber which helps the body gets rid of toxins in our body.

I’ll share a little secret with you! Would you believe if I say that nutrition plays a great role in how your skin looks? The body can be compared to a vehicle; the food you consume is the fuel. Car running on petrol can’t run on diesel right? The same thing goes with your body; you can’t put the wrong fuel in your body and expect it to run smoothly.

Recommended Ways to Have a Healthier Skin

  • Drink 8 – 10 glasses of water and herbal/green teas daily.
  • Eat foods high in Omega 3 and 6 found in walnuts, almonds, grape seeds, and sunflower seeds and ensure that you take lots of vitamin C – parsley, citrus fruits, broccoli and rosehips.
  • Go with organic veggies for your diet.
  • Exercise – this is the most vital part of having a healthy skin. Exercise makes our body healthy and slows down the aging process. If you have a hard time exercising on your own. Enroll in gym classes. You can find motivation by watching others who want to have a healthy lifestyle exercising in the gym.

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