5 Exercise Myths that Scares Women

Most women tend to believe in exercise myths without knowing that it is just a myth. Today, I want to share 5 myths that scare women.

Women doing strength training
Women doing strength training

So here they go:

Exercise Myths # 1You can lose fat in a targeted area.

Fact: The statement is wrong.

You need to understand how fat burning works. In general, you can only lose weight if the amount of calories is less than the amount of calories you burned. Moderate aerobic exercise performed for longer than 20 minutes burns up the glucose in the blood; thus forcing the body to use its reserves. When the glycogen reserves are gone, the body uses fatty acids and turns it into energy. That the only time, that the body burn fats.

Exercise Myths # 2Weight lifting can turn women muscular.

Fact: That is a lie since women doesn’t have the hormone to develop large muscles.

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the bulging muscles on men. Women don’t have this hormone.

If you see women, who look like a wrestler, then are one of the few females who are using a muscle growth enhancing drug to help them build more muscles. Additionally, their exercise routine involves working long hours in the gym.

Exercise Myths # 3Exercising makes you hungry.

Fact: No research has proven this yet.

Most exercises that women do make everyone hungry. These exercises range from walking, swimming, stationary cycling. However, researcher have point out that these exercises could lead to lessen your appetite.

Exercise Myths # 4Weight lifting needs to be done every day to get the body you’ve been dreaming off for all your life.

Fact: Lifting weight daily is not advisable as it will only tire your muscles.

Whenever we exercise, out body tissue gets weakened or torn. Not, the job of the body is to repair it, repair can only be done when the body is at rest. After repairing the torn body tissue, the muscles gets bigger and stronger.

It would be ideal if you’re going to do weight lifting for 2-3 days!

Exercise Myths # 5Personal trainer is a must, if you want results.

Fact: There is no such magic when exercising with a personal trainer.

In personal training, there is the personal trainer to guide you all the way. The trainer’s job is to teach, motivates, and gets you to work hard consistently. Each plan especially tailored to your NEEDS.

It may be helpful at first since you don’t know anything about working out in the gym, but there is a downfall with a personal trainer. They don’t really intend to help you to lose weight by yourself. They want you to depend on them for eternity.

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